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The No. 1 lead generation service for all types of businesses online in KE !.. It's Bella ciao (Darling goodbye) to spending money on adversting platforms that charge you for clicks - which is just mere activities to a page but instead pay for the results you really deserve - a lead that's ready to buy.  

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  • It's Hustle Free - We won't sleep so that you can have prospects coming to your online biz without you doing more work. In fact you worry about making more sales and we'll automate your lead supply.
  • Good rates - competitive pricing that allow you to scale with leads who will be around you business for long term.
  • Accurate Targeting - You can count that we'll get you the cream of the crop leads who just are super engaged & interested with what you have to offer.
  • Verified Leads - These are actual living people not dead because we verify before being delivered to your business.

…Surprisingly Enough...

We are a number 1 winner for a reason. Let me explain...

My name is Allan Mungai, I'm an Email Marketer at Allan Martin Ltd... Like any other business, when starting out the biggest challenge was always getting new leads that could easily turn into sales...

So, after hitting my head against a ton of bricks for many many months and almost quitting, I finally found my golden goose to getting more sales aka revenue for first time & repeat purchases and could easily be turned into readily available traffic at command. Allow me to just say this...

My discovery has worked incredibly well ever since because it's composed of the right way to source leads - without SEO, Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok. And my golden goose is non other than EMAIL. See, Email is by far and bar non the best ranked traffic source & sales media than any other available on the internet. Not convinced?

Ok, - then what you're about to see is a research conducted by OptinMonster that dispels the common gossips going around in our digital marketing industry that email marketing is going to be overruled by other channels such as social media marketing.

The truth is Email isn't going away in a long looong time see why...

And Yes! There's an emoji for social media Return On Invest reason is because NO research has proven what that actual number is. But that's not all...

In 2009 the Wall Street Journal made a rather similar publication that email is dead because social media usage was on the rise. BUT in 2019 they came back with an apology that not only is email alive but it's the hot new channel for reaching real people (enable images below);

Your New Leads Want To Get Aggressive...Promos & Deals?

Great news...

It turns out that 60% of your potential clients willingly want or should I say need to subscribe to your brand’s email list to receive promotional messages compared to social media in order to get deals while staying ahead with promos. 

So yeah, they know you got what they want and here's how they claim it...(Enable images)

But, you might be asking yourself... What quality is your leads? 

To successfully focus on growing your business revenue...

You Don't Have To Worry About...

Fake Email Contacts

Fake email contacts can easily swing your business on the opposite direction of success. Because these emails are often provided by people who make errors & typos or simply non-intent buyers looking for freebies and sometimes even spies looking to get access on your privileged parts of your system. How ridiculous right? But to make sure you never run into hard bounces because of these non-existing addresses. We use sophisticated tools to verify each lead and make sure you only get to valid contacts that will get your message delivered.

Waste Money On Traffic

You don't have to spend hard earned money on buying the latest traffic from PPC etc... We drive all the traffic for you, verify it and only give you qualified leads that has converted. Meaning that the leads we supply to your business are the cream of the crop and you can't afford to mess it up!

Bad Quality Leads

You don't have to worry about bad quality leads that never ever open your emails because of faulty targeting. That is why we understand where your market is, how to attract them and we also know how to convert into highly engaged & responsive leads ready to turn into sales.

Slow Revenue

Every business needs customers in order to sell their offers to make revenue. That is why we will automate your lead generation so that you can start seeing increase in you revenue in no record time. 

See What They Say


What would say to an entrepreneur reading this?

I would rate Allan's service a 10. He delivered actual optins. not just leads, for a very economical price, especially when you figure in your average optin rate from regular lead-generation services. All my subscribers were Tier 1, which is exactly what I wanted. His service contract was professionally written and held both of us to high performance standards. Allan was also very responsive, even though he was from a much different time zone; he regularly checked his email and got back to me by the end of the business day, so I was happy with our communication. I would definitely recommend him.

HURRY!!! There's A Catch

Once the timer below hits ZERO, we are closing doors (on March 7th 2022). Will open again at a much later date to be yet announced. Now or never its your time generate massive leads on complete autopilot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have need to have a website?

We don't need to use your website. But you do need to have an ESP - Email Service Provider. Further instructions on how to integrate your tools with our services will be discussed after your application has bee submitted and approved.

Do you offer a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds once you commit to our service we can not go back. We do however make sure that you get your every pennies worth. If a lead is invalid you don't pay for it until you have every lead delivered as promised.

What guarantee do you offer?

We will work with you until we've delivered every lead to the last one as we promise on this page and beyond.

Who is this best suited for?

This service is best suited for people who have business online. Entrepreneurs with E-Commerce brands, Selling services online. Also entrepreneurs struggling to generate quality leads for their businesses.