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We drive leads for you so that you can grow your business without working hard.

MaximizE your roi

We allocate your budget to where it matters most. The lead and not the activity of just sending traffic.

100% REAL human

You can have a responsive list without hard bounce from lead contacts that don't exist.

100% email delivery

We use sophisticated technologies to qualify, filter and verify every lead for your business.


We drive leads to you from English speaking tier 1 countries only that is; US, CA, UK, AU and NZ.

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About Us

Allan Mungai

Dear internet marketer...

My name is Allan Mungai, an internet marketer specializing in email marketing and building sales funnels at ALLAN MARTIN LTD.

I'm incredibly passionate about helping my clients succeed with their home-based online businesses while living the four hour work week!

Allan Mungai

Like many of us, my biggest problem was always generating quality - highly targeted leads. In fact, I wasted a ton of money on buying traffic courses and software programs that promised to deliver buyers leads. But it wasn't the case.

Finally, through trial and error, I've figured out how to generate highly targeted leads for internet marketing that is best suited for affiliate marketing including Clickbank, Jvzoo, Digistore24 and WarriorPlus affiliate products.

If you are tired of buying dead-beaten solo ads that don't convert or wasting money running Google and Facebook ads, Then this might be a perfect for you.

But in order to find out reach out to us at... allan@allanmartinaffiliate.com or contact us below.




We'll work with you until we've deliver every lead for your business while you enjoy doing less & achieve more!

100 % Gurantee

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Is this lead generation for me?

Yes, this is for you if you’re an internet marketer promoting your own products or affiliate products from ClickBank, WarriorPlus, or Jvzoo looking for automating parts of your campaign such as lead generation so that you can live the 4 hour work week.

How much do you charge to automate my lead lead generation?

We promise it won’t cost you a leg and an arm to get started. All you have to do is fill in your details in the contacts section and we’ll discuss how you can start and scale at your own pace.

Who is this best suited for?

It’s for beginners who would like to skip the pitfalls of trial and error by traditional lead generation methods. It’s for intermediates and veterans who want to accomplish more with their internet business while working less.

Do you offer any lead guarantee?

Yes, you are guaranteed 100% real person leads from an English speaking country or your money back.

Do you offer any lead guarantee?

Yes, you are guaranteed 100% real person leads from an English speaking country or your money back.